Why use Eclipse Yacht Canvas?

Answer: The 4 step Eclipse Proprietary Process to fabricate Awnings, Cushions, Covers and more…
Result: Quality + Accuracy:

Step 1: Onboard your yacht

We measure and accurately record every detail in 3-D.

Existing  Issue:
Backrests were very short at 8″ ht. Seat depth was a bit short also so we needed to extend the available area.

Step 2: Design layout of  Cushions

The end product is created first using CAD (Computer Aided Design)
Completed drawings help visualize the end result for all involved.
Upon client’s approval fabrication is finalized.


Step 3: Design layout of Covers

Using CAD features, the covers can now be fabricated without a second trip to the yacht.

Step 4: Onboard your yacht:

Install :
Details are checked for the final custom fitting.
Cushions and protective Covers are delivered together.

By creating an ‘up-and-over’ style backrest we increased the height while still maintaining good backrest support. We slimmed down the backrest thickness by 2″ which increased the usable seat depth.
A more comfortable seating area with minimal cost. No PVC backing boards were needed for support.

Yacht CAD files can be archived indefinitely: re-order via email.
It’s like having the boat in our shop, even years later.

  • Result:
  • CAD computer aided accuracy
  • Cushions + covers can be delivered in less time.
  • Yacht CAD files can be archived indefinitely,
  • Re-order via email.

Too many options?

We take the guess-work out.

Using fabric sample swatches:
Red welt with charcoal-grey cushions was a great combination. It provided contrast.
When placed on the varnished chairs onboard it looked different.
Black welt might be a better choice.
We sent a photo which allowed the owner to discuss it with his better half.
The work-order was changed to Black welt.

Red Welt

Red Welt

Black Welt

 Awning Design:Conceiving the layout of awning sails is challenging.
The ability to see various options beforehand is invaluable.We presented the owner with 3 options for coverage.

Awning Style 1

Awning Style 1

Awning style 2

Awning Style 2

Awning Style 3

Awning Style 3