Planning A Refit?

Planning a refit?
Plan ahead
Don’t be delayed in completion as usual!
We will digitize ALL onboard furniture, cushions and covers well in advance. A nominal fee will be charged, which will be applied to the the first order.
Digitizing can be done during your next visit to the states or wherever you happen to be.
Start your project now, well before your busy holiday and charter season begins.



What is the 1st step?

1. Send us your GA (General Arrangement) to start the estimate process.

2. Using our CAD program we will accurately measure all involved spaces for your initial proposal

3. New builds:

a. Basic List: We will list all built-in areas as required items

b. Preliminary List: Remembering everything when involved in a new project can be challenging. We will provide an over-view list to assist.

c. Extended List: Our years of experience have taught us what is frequently required by full-time crew. These are items regularly requested by Captain and Crew.

4. Loose furniture lists will fill out the remainder of items

5. The preliminary list can assist in creating your new-build budget

2nd step: let’s talk!

6. Let us know what you want, what you envision and what is needed.

7. Email your favorite photos

3rd step: the bid

8. Our tiered price structure allows you to choose exactly the features you want

9. Options are clearly described to assist you in your decision making

10. A summary and a detailed proposal will provide an understandable offering to all stakeholders.

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